Cardano Stake Pool Website tools

Tools that help Stake Pool operators to make their website more engaging

Are you a stake pool operator looking to turn your website visitors into delegators? do you want to inform your delegators about the performance of your Cardano pool? Check out the highly customizable embeds and other javascript tools below!

Why these tools?

As a stake pool operator you should convince people to:

  • Buy (their first) ADA
  • Delegate to your pool

This means that your communication should be all about convincing people that Cardano is an amazing Blockchain network, and that your pool is amazing to stake with. You have probably better things to do, so therefore to the rescue :-).


Are you looking for stake pool websites using the embeds below? Check out the Pools using Stakada.

All embeds and more are explained below

Cardano Stake Pool Statistics - Embed

Show off the performance of your pool by showing statistics and metrics with a highly customizable embed on your website. Example:

Embed code

<iframe src="$9,522.13&custom_metric_caption=USD donated" width="100%" height="300" style="max-width:750px;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Embed base url

pool_idThe ID of the staking pool
bordersDisable the borders around the metrics with borders=0
themeUse theme=dark to get a dark theme. Note that the background of the iframe is transparent, so the parent element on your site should have a dark background to see the white text.
color_valueThe hex value for the color of the metrics in the embed. Use a color from your own color palette for the best results. Example: color_value=112211 for a slightly greenish black.
custom_metric_value A custom value to add to the embed, for example showing your donations. Note that you might want to increase the height of the iframe to make the value visible Example.
custom_metric_captionThe caption of the custom value added with custom_metric_value
headerDisable the header with header=0
saturationAdd saturation=simple to just show the percentage and not the bar
configurationCan be 'standard' or 'epoch'
creditsHide or center the and credits. Hide with credits=0, center with credits=center. If you hide the credits, consider donating. See the about page for more information.

How To Delegate to your ADA Pool - Embed

Lower the barrier for delegators staking their ADA with you by showing a clear step by step explanation. The layout is highly inspired by the widget from Armada Alliance, however some improvements have been made, and are still being tested. On smartphones only Yoroi is recommended and the link to Yoroi automatically goes directly to the right App Store or browser extension install page based on the device the visitor is using.

The Binance link contains a referral code to support, you can however override this with your own referral code. Please consider donating if you do so. If you don't have a Binance account and you are about to create one to earn some referral revenue, please create a Binance account via this link so I can earn a small referral fee from your referrals :-).

Example of the Howto delegate embed:

Embed code

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="300" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Embed base url

pool_idThe ID of the staking pool
walletsConfigure which wallets you want to show. Default: wallets=yoroi,daedalus. To add Nami use wallets=yoroi,daedalus,nami. Current supported wallets: nami, yoroi, daedalus, ccvault. If you don't specify Yoroi (which is fine), the link to Yoroi in the app stores will still show when the embed is visited by a mobile device.
themeCan also be 'dark'. Example
binance_refA numeric value to add to the Binance URL, in case you want to earn referral fees yourself. Please consider donating if you want to support Read more

Cardano Epoch Countdown - Embed

Keep your stakers or delegators engaged by counting down to the next ADA "pay day". Everybody waits for their ADA don't they :-). Example:

Embed code

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="50" style="max-width:400px;"></iframe>

Embed base url

creditsCredits are only shown on desktop when hovering the embed. Hide the credits by passing credits=0. Please consider donating if you do so.

Smart Link to Yoroi Wallet

If you want to link to Yoroi, consider using This link will auto-detect the users' device and open the right browser extension or app store install page. This makes it easier for users to install the wallet and start delegating! Just give it a try: Get Yoroi!.

About - stake pool website tools

Promote your Cardano pool with highly customizable stake pool website tools. builds various embeds which can be added to your website to turn visitors into delegators.