About stakada.io

I've seen many Cardano stake pool websites, and some of them could use a bit more love. I therefore set up stakada.io because I want to help! The stakada.io web tools for stake pool operators should help pools of all sizes to gain new delegators and keep existing delegators engaged.

If you want to see some examples you might want to look at the (growing) list of Stake Pool websites using Stakada. Note that using Stakada will add your pool to this list. Not automatically, but somewhat :-)

Special thanks to

I would like to thank ADAPools.org for their amazing service and JSON endpoints with stakepool metadata. Next Blockfrost.io for their speedy API with stats on pools. And last but not least, I would like to thank ECOPool for inspiration and feedback.

Donate & advertise?

If you like what you see, or if you are using any of the embeds you can thank me by delegating to ECOPool or donate me some ADA to the wallet address below. For each donation to this address I will check which pool the sender is delegating to, that pool will then be highlighted on the stakada.io homepage. So please make sure you pay from a wallet that delegates to your own pool. Adding your pool to the homepage will be a manual action for now, but might be automated in the future.


Thank you very much!

About stakada.io - stake pool website tools

Promote your Cardano pool with highly customizable stake pool website tools. Stakada.io builds various embeds which can be added to your website to turn visitors into delegators.